Leaders hire Stanford Consulting to develop individual and team capabilities inside their organization

We offer a broad assortment of assessments, workshops, training and organizational development tools to address the needs of high-potential employees, emerging leaders, senior management, C-suite executives, and leaders in transition.

The design and implementation of our development programs are tailored to suit your unique organizational needs. Each program is delivered by our certified consultants, coaches, and facilitators.

Everything DiSC® helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. It’s is not a test; it’s a personality assessment.

This research-validated model helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money. Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels.

We have a world-class suite of assessments and workshops to support employee success and development at all levels throughout your organizations on topics such as:



  • Customizable 360 Assessments
  • Career Assessments
  • Behavioral and Personality Assessments
  • DiSC Assessments (Manager, Leader, Sales, 360 etc.)
  • Executive Competencies Inventory


  • Early Stage High Potentials
  • Late Stage High Potentials
  • Senior Leader Development
  • First 90 Days
  • Executive Development

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